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Blitzkrieg Designs:

News: 12/04/04

If you would like to use our newly released Fueldump: Spring Offensive Map Modification on your server please could you contact us at and send us the IP address of your server, it's name, and any other details, so that we may add it to our list, so clients may be able to play on our Mod, and your server.


Server Name: IP Address: Description:
Goat's Bar & Grill Website Forums: - Lots of other custom maps run too. Popular Server.
[CS] Feld der Seelen Can't Remember Doesn't Run Spring Offensive, but you can! They see snow. You see grass.
ECGN - XPSave w/Stats 32 Player Running ShrubET. Server Located VA(?) USA. 
[KoG] Shrub XPSave [KoG] Clan Server - (No website that we know of. If you know otherwise then email us.) ET Server Website: - For other mods running on this server click here.
=B|M= Clan Server The Best of British (Hurrah) - 
(Unknown Server) Runs Shrub Mod and has XPSave
To add your Server Email Us at