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Blitzkrieg Designs:

News: 12/04/04

Our Map Modification, Fueldump: Spring Offensive has now been released for download. Click here for a preview of this Modification and screenshots.

A Copy of the Readme!.txt File that accompanies our Modification. Click here to download the Readme! File.

Blitzkrieg Designs


Filename: BD-Fueldump_Spring.pk3
Type: Map Texture Mod
Date: 12/04/04


To the user. If you have (as we have) played on the normal Fueldump Map that comes with Enemy Territory, you will realise 
what a wonderful gameplay experience it creates. However, even a quality map such as Fueldump does after time become rather 
stale and repetitive. This gave Blitzkrieg Designs the idea of creating a Mod that kept the Map, but changed its style from a 
Winter Battleground, to that of a Forest. One of our ideas for this came from playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein. As many 
of you probably know, Fueldump is based loosely upon a RTCW Single Player mission called FOREST, hence our inspiration. We at 
Blitzkrieg Designs feel that this change adds a new experience to Enemy Territory, and we hope you, the Wolfenstein 
Community, enjoy it.


Fueldump (Spring Offensive) A Blitzkrieg Designs Mod for ET...

It's Spring 1943. The British are conducting combat training missions in preparation for Operation Overlord. British 
Paratroopers, on orders of the Allied High Command, have landed in Nazi occupied Austria; their mission destroy a vital Fuel 
Depot of strategic importance to the Germans. To find out more information regarding this mod please visit the Maps section 
of this website:


Everyone: Place the "BD-Fueldump_Spring.pk3" in your "\etmain\" folder of your Enemy Territory directory.

Clients: It may surprise some of you that all the Fueldump Maps on the server list seem to be running this mod that you've 
just installed, as the Map Preview picture has changed. This however is not the case. Due to the way Enemy Territory works 
(or so we've been informed,) the Map Preview picture for our Mod takes precidence over that of the original Fueldump preview, 
and therefore the original is no longer shown. Do not worry that you might not be able play with this new Mod, or that is for 
some reason not working. The most likely problem is that the server you have connected to, is not running the Spring 
Offensive Mod. For a list of servers that run the mod, please visit and enter 
the Server section of our website.

Server Admins: As above, except that is advised you do not also run the Railgun Map on your server (see Technical Issues 
below.) Server Admins, if you intend to use this Mod on your server, please could you email us at, and send us the IP address of your server, and some details about it, so that we may post it 
on our Servers list. Thankyou.


If you find any bugs/glitches in the textures for this Modification, could you please email 
with details. Also, if you have any ideas/comments to make on the Modification feel free to email us.

Technical Issues:

As some of you may know, working with existing maps and textures in Enemy Territory can be tricky at times. Some textures 
used in the Fueldump Map are also used by other maps, eg. Snow Textures in Railgun. Therefore it is recommended that you use 
this Modification on a Standalone Map basis, ie. only have Fueldump playable on your server. Know Texture issues with this 
Modification effect only railgun. No other maps are effected (ie. Oasis, Goldrush, Radar, or Battery.)


Ideas/Design: [QCS]Chris
Support/Testing: [QCS]John

Blitzkrieg Designs Team:


-[QCS]Chris (Founder)
-[QCS]John (Founder)
-[BD]Fire Phoenix

Note: We are not recruiting new members at this moment in time.