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Blitzkrieg Designs:

News: 21/04/04

Our Servers page has been updated with new links to Enemy Territory sites and servers running Fueldump Spring Offensive. Also the Links page has been updated.

We have been very pleased so far with the response we've had for Fueldump Spring Offensive. There are four new screenshots to look at... Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4. However, we have been informed of... let us say mistakes we made when creating the Map Mod. (We aren't afraid to admit our mistakes.)

1. When you shoot the ground (now grass) you still see see snow fly up.

2. The sound of you moving still sounds as if your on snow.

3. Tree stumps still look a little bit snowish + Churchill Tank has snow on it.

4. River is still frozen, not water...

However we would like to explain this (above No.4) in a little more detail. Some people (not all) fail to realise that we can't really do anything about this. The ice river was created by Splash Damage when creating the map Fueldump. To edit the maps structure we would have to have the .map Fueldump file. However, as Splash Damage haven't released this file (nor will they we expect,) we cannot modify the ice to become river. Very unfortunate for you and us, however, there are two options left open to us. One is too use a tool which converts the .bsp Fueldump Map file provided with the game, to a .map file. This though is (probably) illegal, and is also very unreliable as the tool creates (bad) conversions. Option two would be to plead with Splash Damage for them to give us the .map file, or for them to re-edit it for us themselves. This is unlikely, however if your reading this Splash Damage (or Sock... we think he did some of the maps) please could you do us a big favour and convert the ice to a river. Thanks.

Oh yeah, all other problems will be correcting in the up-and-coming update release.


News: 12/04/04

New Projects added and Downloads made available. Our Map Modification, Fueldump: Spring Offensive has now been released for download. Click here for a preview of this Modification and screenshots.

If you would like to have a link to your Website (Wolfenstein related) added to our affiliates section, please contact for more information.

News: 11/04/04

Welcome to the new Blitzkrieg Designs Website. In the coming weeks we will be further updating the site with new downloads, projects and other Blitzkrieg Design information.

News: 10/04/04

Tomorrow the website will be having a facelift - ie. a new design which hopefully will look better than the old one! Fueldump: Spring Offensive Map Modification is in the final stages of production, and should be available before Wednesday.